Move Over, Burrito. There’s Another Latin American Favorite in Old Town.

If you’ve ever meandered down the cobblestoned streets of Buenos Aires, or sailed the ocean waters of Brazil, or skied the Andes mountains of Santiago, Chile—or maybe even found yourself hiking north through Peru’s own Machu Picchu or prancing through the dewey, fresh rainforests of Colombia, Venezuela Costa Rica—then you already know the truth: 


A secret culinary world exists between the Yucatan of Mexico and the tip of Antarctica...and the words “tequila,” “burrito,” and “giant upside down beer in a bucket” are far from anywhere in sight. 


Those are Mexico’s glories, and she can have that old hat: here at Berta’s, we’ve curated a new kind of Latin dining experience for the bright and curious palette: one that transports you to worlds away in a forkful. 

 Berta's Latin Cuisine

You pick the country, we’ll serve you the dish. that’s been expertly selected as the representative of that country’s top flavor profiles, allowing you to go ahead and—yes—meander down those Argentine streets, and sail those Brazilian waters, and skii those Andes mountains...right from our headquarters here in San Diego. (Where, by the way, Berta's Latin Cuisine has free parking—a rarity in Old Town.)

Old Town, San Diego

Since 1991

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