A native of Chile, Berta is seventh in a family of eleven children. Growing up in a traditional Latin American household, Berta’s talent and love for cooking came naturally. Without formal culinary training, Berta learned her cooking skill from her mother Olinda and older sister Hilda. For Berta, cooking was not just a responsibility, it was the way she expressed the culture and love of her country. As she says, “it comes from the bottom of my soul.”

SINCE 1991

Berta is originally from Chile, and she opened Berta’s over 26 years ago when she moved to San Diego. We use our classic original recipes – and brand new dishes as well – to create some of the finest Latin American cuisine you can find anywhere in San Diego.
Let us prove it to you!

3928 Twiggs St. San Diego, CA 92110 

Open: Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 7pm​​​​​​