Korean Recipes – Three Delicious Dishes From the Southern Manchuria Region of Korea

Korean recipes are a diverse group of foods, each with its own distinct character and history. These dishes are derived from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions in the southern Manchuria region, and reflect the complicated interplay of human culture and their natural surroundings. Here we’ll explore a few of these classic dishes. Listed below are some of my personal favorites:


A Korean jjigae is a dish that uses fresh curled soft tofu. This type of tofu is not strained, and it is used in this dish as well as vegetables and seafood. This dish is typically served with a savory sauce made from gochujang and gochugaru. In addition to the sauce, this dish also contains a variety of seasonings, including gochugaru, which is a spicy Korean pepper paste.

Dongnae pajeon

Dongnae pajeon, or Korean seafood pancake, is a traditional dish that has been favored for generations. It is traditionally served with Korean rice wine known as Makgeoli or Maguli. You can prepare this dish with seafood or beef. This Korean recipe is a perfect match for both wine and seafood. Let’s explore how to make it at home. Let’s start with some history.


Bibimbap (sometimes romanized as bi bim bap or bi bim bop) is a traditional rice dish from Korea. Bibim literally means “to mix,” while bap is simply rice. Bibimbap is typically served as a bowl of warm, white rice topped with namul, kimchi, gochujang, soy sauce, and doenjang.


A delicious savory and slightly sweet dish, japchae is a popular staple of Korean cuisine. You can learn how to make it from a Korean recipe below. The main ingredient in this dish is sesame seeds, which are commonly found in Asian cuisines. In addition to sesame seeds, japchae is also known as jimmyameon, which means roasted soybeans.


A typical Korean meal is a Korean dish called Jeon. It is a fritter made from minced or sliced food that is seasoned, coated in flour, and fried in oil. A Korean recipe for Jeon will show you how to make it yourself! There are many different ingredients you can use for jeon, so it’s best to experiment and find your favorite. This recipe is perfect for families or a crowd of hungry friends!


The history of the Hwajeon dish can be traced back to the Koryo Dynasty. Traditionally, the dish is made of glutinous rice flour and seasonal flowers. It is made in a heavy pan using glutinous rice flour. Here are some steps to make the traditional dish. Read on to learn how to make this delicious Korean delicacy. The flower petals used in the Hwajeon recipe are edible.

Nakji bokkeum

The Koreans have a long history of cooking spicy foods and one of these is nakji bokkeum. This spicy Korean dish is made by sautéing octopus tentacles in a hot skillet. They’re seasoned with red chili pepper paste or flakes. While it’s traditionally served with rice or noodles, it can be enjoyed on its own.

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